The Chair CADDIE: A seating innovation for today’s seniors; designed to prevent falls and reduce the physical demands of care staff…at mealtime

The Contessa Series includes three stylish aluminum-framed chairs with a wood grain finish that will enhance the décor of your dining room. Unique to the Contessa Series is the availability to enhance the chairs with mobility options.

The Chair Caddie is an aftermarket device that attaches to the base of any dining chair.

The Chair Caddie allows care staff to effortlessly and gracefully move a seated person up-to the table.

Designed as an undercarriage unit, the Chair Caddie can be retrofitted to the base of existing chairs.

Once attached, the chair rolls…and brakes to ensure safety.

The Chair Caddie facilitates chair movement, leading to the following benefits:


  • Prevention of resident falls
  • Reduction of care staff injuries
  • Increases a residents’ dignity and self-worth

The Chair Caddie CCB


  • Rollsbrakes for safety
  • Low profile
  • Fits inside the footprint of the chair
  • Retrofits to any existing chairs

The T2 Series enables Senior Living / Long Term Care communities to tailor the features of the chair to match the mobility limitations of each resident. The T2 Series also answers many of today’s concerns regarding staff injuries and absenteeism.

T2 Swivel - Movement 2

T2 841SWL
Swivels…and Locks for Safety

T2 Swivel / CC5 w/ Number

T2 841SWL-CC5
SwivelsLocksRolls…and Brakes for safety

T2 Swivel CC4 - Movement 2

T2 841-CC4
Rolls…and Brakes for safety

T2 Swivel CC1 - Movement 5

T2 841-CC1
Rolls…and Always Locked for safety

Movement 2 Swivels…and Locks for Safety!
Movement 3 SwivelsLocksRolls…and Brakes for Safety!
Movement 4 Rolls…and Brakes for Safety!
Movement 5 Rolls…and Always Locked for Safety!

The Butterfly Tables are designed for dining and activity applications where different table heights are needed for different resident needs.

Butterfly Adjustable Table (2 Seater)

Butterfly 2 Seat Adjustable Table

Butterfly Adjustable Table (4 Seater)

Butterfly 4 Seat Single Pedestal Adjustable Table

Butterfly Adjustable Table (4 Seater)

Butterfly 4 Seat Dual Pedestal Adjustable Table

A Win for the Entire Senior Living Community


Workplace Injuries
WC Claims / Absenteeism
Stress and Anxiety
Flooring Replacement Costs


Safer Workplace
A Enjoyable Mealtime Routine
Healthier Work Environment
Better Retention of Staff / Residents


Residents & Families
Experience an Increased
Sense of
Dignity & Self-Worth

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