The T2 Series enables Senior Living / Long Term Care communities to tailor the features of the chair to match the mobility limitations of each resident. The T2 Series also answers many of today’s concerns regarding staff injuries and absenteeism.

T2 Swivel

T2 841SWL
Swivels…and Locks for Safety

T2 Swivel w/ Chair Caddie 5

T2 841SWL-CC5
SwivelsLocksRolls…and Brakes for safety

T2 w/ Chair Caddie 4

T2 841-CC4
TurnsRolls…and Brakes for safety

T2 w/ Chair Caddie 1

T2 841-CC1
TurnsRolls…and Always Locked for safety

A Win for the Entire Senior Living Community


Workplace Injuries
WC Claims / Absenteeism
Stress and Anxiety
Flooring Replacement Costs


Safer Workplace
A Enjoyable Mealtime Routine
Healthier Work Environment
Better Retention of Staff / Residents


Residents & Families
Experience an Increased
Sense of
Dignity & Self-Worth

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